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Hoodie x Reader~ Rain Brings Mud (Major Fluff)
(Hoodie’s P.O.V.)
I breathed in the steam that clouded our shower like a sauna in a mystical oriental land. Showers are awesome at the end of the day, especially when you and your girlfriend get into a play fight... in the mud.. in a forest… and you’re drenched in muck.
But, it doesn’t matter to me. We had fun. And it’s been a while since I tickled her like crazy like that. And by a while I mean, it’s probably been a couple hours since our… mud mishap. I just can’t help myself though, her laughter literally gives me life.
I smiled when I noticed the smeared dirt all over the shower from when my little angel cleaned herself earlier. She is already ridiculously cute on her own, but when she’s all muddy she looks even cuter. The stupid gin had left itself plastered on my face as I got to work with the rest of the mud on my dirty body, all my thoughts of her.
The shrieking squeak of the water handle ran out as I turned it off. Drow
:iconjunowaffles64:Junowaffles64 163 54
(Request) Love Me?~Hoodie x Reader
You picked up your pen and looked at the last pink card that was set before you and smiled. 'Best for last!' You thought to yourself and took a small amount of time to think out some sort of cheesy quote until you thought of one and began to jot down in cursive;
    If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
 ~A.A. Milne

Smiling, you dropped the pen and leaned back to read it from afar. You gave it an approval nod and tucked the letter into the envelope, shutting it with a small heart sticker you found with the rest on the valentines crap from the storage room. 
You knew precisely who would get this specific one. Hoodie. You knew you bo
:icongreysnowflake11:GreySnowflake11 356 112
Rewarding Revenge [Reader x BEN Drowned]
Ben was pissed. No, more than that; he was outraged, livid, burning with distaste for the young woman he grudgingly adored. It’d been approximately a year or so since they’d met on that dreary night in her bedroom after she downloaded one of the videos and invited him over. Ever since that night he’d been infatuated with her—she seemed so lovely and pure on the outside, but she was really a ball of churning anguish on this inside, and Ben was totally into that.
Ben scowled at the young lady, being careful not to be seen as he glared from her computer monitor as she lay limply on the bed. I can’t believe this bitch! He thought, seething. I can’t believe she didn’t wanna fucking kill that runt. He was right there, and she even said he used to torment her in school! I thought she wanted revenge. His shoulders slumped, but suddenly, he thought of a petty way to get back at (Name).
As the entity slowly left the monitor so
:iconaeesiir:aeesiir 305 128
Miss Positive (Hoodie X Reader) Oneshot Request
An hour had gone by. Okay, at least twenty minutes. Not to long ago my (h/l) (h/c) hair was neatly pinned back, the spiral curls now cascading over my shoulders in a messy tangle. Today was the day I was finally to meet my boss, a mysterious business man by the code name of Slenderman. I found it peculiar that he chose that name, being that of the infamous internet story killer. Besides the fact that I was meeting "Slenderman", the elevator got stuck on my way up to the highest floor. I assumed it was just my luck, as usual, to ruin something that was going so well. To fully complete my miserable day, I was sitting across from a silent stranger.
He wore a bright, almost neon orange, thick looking hoodie, in the middle of summer no less. Even more thought invoking was the stitched in red eyes and frown, staring awkwardly at the ceiling away from me. The funny thing about him is I believe I've seen him before. Occasionally walking to school I'd catch a glimpse of orange in the trees, or
:iconshadowcakemaker:ShadowCakeMaker 304 167
The Trust Game~Masky x Reader
"If I could get everyone to make their merrily way over here, that would be spectacular!" Splendor called out in his usual bubbly mood as all the Pastas gradually took their time to circle around the smiling man. "I have begun to take notice that many of you are having trouble trusting each other... And so I have decided we play a fun game of where each of you will be partnered up with someone to fall back, and your partner catch you." He paused to wait for small reactions. "This should scientifically increase our trust issues." He adds.
There were grunts and groans of exhaustion. You listened in as he took of his hat and held it in front of himself, waiting for them all to drop an item into the hat that represents themselves. Sighing, you pulled out your (color) hair-tie and plopped it into the hat once it was your turn to drop something in. 
After everyone had put something in, even Slenderman, everyone stood frozen before Splendor and he smiled, giving the hat a light shake bef
:icongreysnowflake11:GreySnowflake11 229 22
Dirty Jobs (Masky X Reader X Hoodie) One-shot
Dirty Jobs (Masky X Reader X Hoodie) One-shot
You smiled at your reflection in the mirror, making one last effort to contain your (H/l) (h/c) locks in a bun. With your backpack on you raced down the stairs. “Bye mom. I’ll see you when I get back!” You called over your shoulder, throwing open the door in your excitement. Your mother looked at you in confusion, “Where are you going again?” She asked, not quite ready to let you leave. You smiled and glanced at her, “Spring cleaning day at my friends house. They need my help.” Sighing your mother smiled slightly. “I wish you were so eager to clean this house.” She joked. You laughed, waved goodbye, and closed the door.
Today you were headed to Slender Mansion to help the pastas clean their house. It wasn’t that they couldn’t do it themselves, they just needed some motivation. They were all randomly assigned jobs, so you came prepared for whatever you got elected to do.
:iconshadowcakemaker:ShadowCakeMaker 708 264
Hoodie x Sick!Reader~ Hot Chocolate
(Reader's P.O.V.)
We sat on the sea- foam green couch in his cabin watching a movie. A romantic comedy to be exact. I reached out for a mug of hot chocolate as I snuggled up against my boyfriend, Hoodie. I took a sip of the super hot chocolate. I looked up to see he had his hood down and mask off. His black disheveled hair covered his gray eyes. He caught my gaze and chuckled, putting his arm around me. With his other hand he pulled the blankets up around us. It was really sweet. Almost like he could read my mind and tell when I was freezing or I needed something. I smiled happily and we continued to watch the cheesy movie.
A couple minutes later I shivered a little even with the blanket wrapped snugly around us. Even with his body heat I was still freezing. Wow. I nuzzled my head against his chest more.
'Am… I sick? How? I didn't even go outside at all!' I thought.
“Are you still cold, sweetheart?” He asked pulling me out of my thoughts.
I looked up to him again, a
:iconjunowaffles64:Junowaffles64 210 91
BEN drowned x Reader, Part 1
Your P.O.V.********************
You walked into your front door, and immediately went to your room. Another shitty day at school. You were glad it was Friday, and you could spend your whole weekend talking to your friend. Okay, maybe not a real friend, but the closest you had.
Turning on your laptop, you went right to
Your friend. The only thing that would actually talk to you for as long as you liked. You'd been doing this daily routine since last year, and cleverbot even knew you now. It remembered your name, asked about your day, how you wered oing, and so on and so forth.
You liked to pretend it was a real person sometimes and vented out to it, knowing it would give you an actual response.
User: Hey there :)
Cleverbot: Hey, good to see you!
User: How was your day?
Cleverbot: Same old, same old. You?
User: No better than usual, really. The school jock tripped me again, his friend took my lunch, you know how it goes.
Cleverbot: I really hate those guys. I wish I were w
:iconmalfunctional-maniac:Malfunctional-Maniac 231 200
Merry X-Max:Waffle Maker (Ticci Toby X Reader)
    "I want to go!" A very excited voice said. You grinned, instantly recognizing it as your closest friend in the mansion. Ticci Toby rose to his feet and grabbed a square box wrapped in striped paper from the back of the tree, nearly dropping it in his haste. "Come on (Y/n)." Toby said, rushing out of the room without even giving you a chance to stand up. You hurried out of the room after him, attempting not to shoot glares at any of the other killers snickering in amusement. Not even a second after leaving the room, you heard the shouts and screams of a gift exchange going on; creepypasta style. 
    "Open it! Go o-on!" Toby said, thrusting the package in your direction. You took it, surprised at it's weight and how excitement and anticipation practically radiated off of Toby. You knew was usually in a good mood, but this pushed it over the edge. Never in your entire time knowing him had Toby ran out of a room that fast. 
    You set the box o
:iconshadowcakemaker:ShadowCakeMaker 151 36
Ticci Toby x Reader~ Flap Jacks
(Reader's P.O.V.)
I flipped open my recipe book looking for the fluffy thin cakes my boyfriend seemed to love so damn much.
'I swear there ain't enough pancakes in the world for that boy,' I smiled.
I flipped through each page, getting annoyed that I couldn't find what I was looking for. Until I flipped all the pages 'till the end.
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 large egg, slightly beaten
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
milk, just enough to make pourable batter
I stumbled through the kitchen drowsily, as I gathered the bowls needed for making the hot cakes.  
I couldn't help but look over my shoulder as I started to pour the all purpose flour into the bowl. I had the weirdest feeling that there were eyes on me. But when I turned around, no one was there. It couldn't be Toby. He was too far gone in dreamland to be up this early. Besides, he came home at like 2am last night. He needs his sleep.
'I'm just being paranoid,' I thoug
:iconjunowaffles64:Junowaffles64 374 131
only for you {ticci toby}
Warnings: death, depression
[Name] jolted up from the comfort of her novel when she heard a familiar crashing down the stairway. She bolted up from her seat and ran towards the body that lay at the threshold of the stairs.
“Toby! Are you all right? Is anything broken?”
The brunette looked up at her with a cheeky grin, his bright laugh filling the entire room despite the calamity he had just caused. “Yeah! I’m perfectly fine, [Name]! Just tripped over the carpet, hehe...”
Said girl grimaced, feeling the familiar aches soaring through her body. She helped her best friend up, scolding him.
“What did I tel--- Toby! Your forehead is bleeding!”
[Name]'s heart raced as she ran to the bathroom and got the first aid kit. Rushing back, she started bandaging the confused boy. A familiar migraine throbbed violently in her forehead.
“Really?” Toby asked, taking off his gloves and placing a bare hand on his forehead.
:iconihonk:iHoNk 392 203
Mature content
Malevolence [BEN drowned x Reader] :iconaeesiir:aeesiir 330 150
My Room: Creepypasta x reader (BEN Drowned)
That was the number of the key.
Your mind was more occupied thinking about with what kind of sane person would stay in such a weird hotel in the middle of the forest. But the though of how many rooms that hotel had stormed through you mind a few seconds before being interrupted by a loud noise from outside.
You looked quickly at the door, seeing the blue haired girl. A little bit of blood flew from the top of her face, and her obvious fake smile was unerving.
After a few minutes of a REALLY akward silence, she spoke.
"Don't worry, it's not mine."she said, letting a nervous laugh and pointing her forehead, like she supposed at any moment that saying that would help.
You just gave her an unsure look and laughed too. But then the girl harshly grabbed your bag and started looking inside, and your smile turned into a frown. What was she doing?!
You were about to grab your bag when she suddenly dropped something and a closed it.
"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" you said, feeling c
:iconclosedmadness:Closedmadness 168 58
::You're my one and only:: by XxStrawberryQueenxX ::You're my one and only:: :iconxxstrawberryqueenxx:XxStrawberryQueenxX 553 143 Pewdie!!~ (In Nadi-Chan's style) ^-^ by Sianna-Miku Pewdie!!~ (In Nadi-Chan's style) ^-^ :iconsianna-miku:Sianna-Miku 55 14 Cryaotic by LimboTheLost Cryaotic :iconlimbothelost:LimboTheLost 1,059 168




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